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Geometrical entities

Create cylinders, planes, spheres, cones, etc. to either send to CAD or use for advanced alignment

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Use planes to break up your model and extract the shape of one or as many cross-sections as you like.

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Transform either a section or your entire object into a surface-usable model in CAD

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Advanced improve

Fill holes, smooth areas, remove spikes, edit boundaries, and more! Make your scan as snazzy as it can be.

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Advanced edit

Extend, offset, remesh, turn watertight, and transform your scan before taking it to the next step.

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Direct transfer to CAD

Effortlessly send elements your created directly to your favorite CAD platform.

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Bright shiny tools!

Explore a wide range of features that take the guesswork and the hard work out of your reverse engineering project. Rock your RE like never before!


Extend your captured surface to fill areas you missed or could not catch the first time ‘round.


Combine several scans into a single object.


Properly position your scan in space for future use.


Remove unwanted dents or bump on your scan.


Minimize the number of triangles defining your scan to keep your scan as light as possible.


Apply captured color during your scan and create a clean, crisp texture.


Fit the most useful geometrical entities (such as planes, cylinders, spheres, etc.) on your mesh for use in CAD projects.


Use planes to virtually slice your mesh and extract the curve of a specific cross-section


Select a section or the whole part and automatically fit a surface or use manual tools to define your surface exactly how you want it.

Direct transfer to CAD

Take all items you have created using your scan as a reference and transfer directly to your favorite CAD software in just one click


The BFF of your peel 3.CAD scanner

Tap into the full potential of 3D scanning and reverse engineering with peel 3.CAD software!

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peel 3 3D scanner Introductory price of $8,700 USD This 3D scanner handles like a charm in every way. You'll love all the bang for the buck: revamped ergonomic design, intuitive multi-function touchscreen, industry-first haptic user communication through vibration, improved resolution, elevated performance with intricate objects and colors, and included data acquisition software.
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peel 3.CAD 3D scanner Introductory price of $12,285 USD Do you do a lot of reverse engineering? Need to work on your 3D scans before sending them to your CAD software? Booya! You’ll be craving peel 3.CAD and its 3D scanning software to finalize your scans before working your magic in CAD. This is a complete, turnkey solution for all reverse engineering applications.
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