Dive into 3D scanning! We've got a Peel P50 scan from our peel 3d scanner. Print it!

Your 3D model of a Peel P50 car is here and ready for 3D printing!

Experience the fusion of history and technology with our detailed 3D scan of the legendary Peel P50 car. Scanned with our peel 3, this model offers unmatched detail, ensuring a flawless 3D print. Whether you're a car, history or a 3D printing enthusiast, this is a miniature model you won't want to miss. Add it to your collection of 3D printed objects!

1 Download the Peel P50 model

2 Print and prepare the parts (remove supports, clean)
3 Apply the primer and paint
4 Assemble with glue (following the instructions)
5 Share your creations online with our #peelxeel. We'll be reposting on our social media!

In episode 2 we explore the fascinating world of 3D printing. Begin with a visit to Creaform's Canadian headquarters, where the team meticulously redesigns each part using cutting-edge technology. At Formlabs' European printing factory, the timeless Peel P50 car is brought to life through meticulous 3D printing techniques. Join us as we uncover the artistry and precision behind this cutting-edge process.