Heritage preservation & art

Future-proof history

Safeguard precious artefacts and cultural objects with peel 3d scanners for heritage preservation and art.

With peel 3d scanners achieve the level of intricate details and realism to transform any object into 3D models for research, archives and more.

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peel 3 3D scanner This 3D scanner handles like a charm in every way. You'll love all the bang for the buck: revamped ergonomic design, intuitive multi-function touchscreen, industry-first haptic user communication through vibration, improved resolution, elevated performance with intricate objects and colors, and included data acquisition software.

You can use peel 3 for this, this, and this!

Digital archiving
Restoration projects
Replicate human anatomy
Modify scales
Replicate any artefact

See what peel can do

How can 3D scanning help you?

3D scanning opens the doors to a world of possibilities! Imagine being able to recreate highly accurate digital 3D models of any physical object. You can save a lot of time by 3D scanning objects to optimize their designs, reverse engineer them, archive the data, conduct research, and so much more!

Easy to learn

Instinctive ergonomics. Intuitive interfaces. Learning to 3D scan can take mere minutes.

New design

peel 3’s comfortable design and distance meter enables users to scan effortlessly—without the back and forth to the computer.


peel’s professional-grade 3D scanners can be used for a wide variety of applications.

as seen on instagram (not on tv!)

Our peel 3d scanner lets us capture the complex shape speeding up our entire product design process.

Mukul Nanda
Autologue Design
Mukul Nanda - Autologue Design

My peel 3d scanner lets me scan a complete motorcycle in in a few minutes, pull into Gravity Sketch and start sketching out the design as 3d lines and then surfaces. Once the design is sorted out, I'll 3d print this out, and it should drop straight onto the bike! This is so efficient!

Nick Graveley
Nick Graveley - ClayMoto

Making the impossible, possible with our Peel 3D scanner! Scanning CAD to reality has never been simpler.

Tyler McCormack
Reversion Raceworks
Tyler McCormack - Reversion Raceworks

My peel 3d scanner has been a workhorse, allowing me to capture sculptures, actors, props and more. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the entire team over at peel 3d for their generosity and support.

Rod Maxwell
Screaming Images
Rod Maxwell - Screaming Images
We don't want to brag, but…
they have a peel at home

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