3D scans using peel 3d

Check out this 3D scanning eye candy from our customers, partners and internal team! Our community is pretty ingenious, don’t you think?

Download real-life 3D scanning samples from projects made by peel 3d scanners
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Transfer case casting

Replicate or improve existing castings

With peel 3d, you no longer have to put up with worn-out castings! All you have to do is 3D scan the original and fine-tune the 3D model to your needs and specifications.

Exhaust pipe

Reverse engineering parts can be a breeze!

For tuning shops, peel 3d can come in handy to reverse engineer old or malfunctioning parts to create new ones—even if you don’t have the original 3D models or castings!

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3D scanning objects with elevated curves

Capturing the rich textures of this moulding was made easy thanks to peel 3d. Our scanners are ideal for heritage and art preservation.

Racing seat

Customizing a racing seat shell

One peel 3d user used our 3D scanner to develop a custom-fit racing seat to improve comfort and safety. Check out the contours!

Intake manifold

Tackle complex geometries head on

Got a component with complex geometries? Need it to fit just right? Use peel 3d to generate highly accurate scans of sophisticated parts in mere minutes. Perfect for developing or reverse engineer