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3D scanning for the human body

Québec, Canada

TechMed 3D

TechMed 3D’s mission is to make 3D scanning technologies for the human body available to the market. We offer solutions that are affordable, faster, and more accurate.
Every day, we are committed to simplifying and making digital technologies more accessible to our customers, practitioners in the orthotics and prosthetics industry as well as for those who need to digitize parts of the human body.

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3D to 2D pattern-making software

Toronto, Canada


For designers, engineers, and pattern makers in all industries, ExactFlat is the most accurate 3D to 2D pattern making software for textiles. ExactFlat is up to 16x faster than hand patterning. It uses the first ever Digital Fabric Simulation for superior accuracy.

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Product Design



For over 20 years, Shape 3D lets users create their own surfboard and windsurfer designs. You can have them sent to one of the 300 cutting centers working with Shape 3D CNC around the world.

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